New Issue of SRT MAG is Published on Aug 2017
August 15, 2017

The new issue of the SRT MAG has been published. Interested parties can obtain the magazines in our website to view or download the magazine.

In this issue, we wish to invite our friends and colleagues to first visit the section on WOW. WOW is our new design brand name and new design team within the SRT Design Group. Also, we want to share with you about our most recent design project "Xixiang Waterfront Town Masterplanning Design Competition" 



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World Association of Chinese Architects’ (WACA) delegation to Guangzhou
August 10, 2017

On 10 August 2017, the World Association of Chinese Architects’ (WACA) President Mr. Edward Shen, Hon Secretary Mr. Xiaohe Su and his assistant, Miss Kejia Zhu paid a curtesy visit to the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province. Mr. Shen and companions also met up with WACA members of the Ling Nan Architecture Academic Committee for a tour of an old Guangzhou residential district historically only inhabited by high government officials and the riches. To complete the tour experience, Mr. Shen and companions spent a memorable night at an old refurbished manor with of room-suites-a true cultural and historical experience to end the trip.

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SRT Design Group attended the 12th Conference on Urban Development and Planning, Hainan, Haikou
July 27, 2017

Chinese Only

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SRT Design Group attended the XIX International Botanical Congress 2017, Shenzhen China (IBC 2017)
July 23, 2017

The conference held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center,part of the symposia are held at the Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel. The XIX International Botanical Congress is drawing to a close after six days of exchanges and discussions. The Congress, fruitful and attended by a large number of botanical scholars and audiences, is unanimously approved by the attendees.

Our Landscape Design Director Mr Sean Peng will attended the congress,  and SRG City Landscape (Shenzhen) Ltd was appointed as vice director unit of the Vertical Green Committee.

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SRT Design Group attended the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong WSBE2017
June 08, 2017

The World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong (WSBE17 Hong Kong)  closed successfully on Jun 7, 2017. The three-day conference was attended by a total of 1,800 green building advocates, public sector leaders, academics, and industry practitioners from 57 countries and regions.With the theme of “Transforming Our Built Environment through Innovation and Integration: Putting Ideas into Action,”it included Keynote Speeches from globally  respected thought leaders,as well as over 100 sessions where delegates engaged into deep-dived discussion based on academic research, business case studies, industry best practice, and government perspectives being shared.

Dr Edison Zhang, Director of SRT Design Group delivered a keynote presentation on “A Human-Oriented Study of The Assessment Method for Sustainable Urban District in China - Comparison of LEED Neighbourhood Development, BREEAM Community, CASBEE-Cities and DGNB Urban Districts”at the conference.

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New Issue of SRT MAG is Published on Mar 2017
April 03, 2017

The new issue of the SRT MAG has been published. Interested parties can obtain the magazines in our website to view or download the magazine.

The content of the SRT MAG March 2017 issue is comprehensive and diversified, comprising the “Comparative Analysis of International WELL Building Standard”, “Therapeutic Value Study of Landscape and Environmental Design for Hospitals Based on the Investigation and Analysis of Patient Behavior” and Our project sharing – “Macau’s first GBL 3 star building — Existing building upgrade: Macau’s Science Center” etc.


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The 13th International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building held Closed in Beijing on a High Note
March 22, 2017

The 13th International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo closed successfully on Mar 22, 2017.
SRT Design Group directors, Mr Edward Shen, Ms Irene Lai and Dr Edison Zhang, together with our engineers Mr. John Wang, Ms. April Hao and Ms Winnie Hu attended the conference.
At this year’s, SRT Design Group’s exhibition booth, we show-cased our green building projects to our visitor by a virtual reality (VR) walk-through experience. Our directors also gave talks at the conference sharing our experience on “Integrated Design Strategy for Sustainable Neighborhood Development in High Density City”. To create more interest and awareness in attaining a green environment, we gave out "GROW GREEN - Portulaca seeds" to our visitors.
As our 5 minutes shower showers sandglass timer we gave out at last year’s exhibition, our Portulaca seeds attracted a continuous stream of visitors to our exhibition booth.
We look forward tremendously to meet you all next year, before then, you can follow our (WeChat id: SRT-design) for our news and information sharing.

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Edward Shen was appointed as chairman of World Association of Chinese Architects (WACA)
February 04, 2017

WACA was set up in 2004, hence with a 13 years history to date.  WACA is chartered to promote the art of architecture and its education and to connect with international architects of Chinese ancestry, with a view to promote architectural work by Chinese architects.  WACA’s current membership covers more than 10 countries.

The WACA’s fifth council since establishment took office on Jan 1, 2017 and Mr. Edward Shen, also past president of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, took up the chairmanship for a term of three years from 2017 to 2019. The new council will endeavor to not only pursue academic and professional exchanges as the previous councils did, but will also set two new objectives. First objective is to participate in voluntary charity work for poorer parts of China and other regions, with the aim to help on improving existing and necessary facilities to improve the livelihood of the local inhabitants.  Second objective takes on the task to approach and liaise with as many architectural institutes (or Institutions of similar function) located in the 65 countries and regions of China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ policy road map as feasible, with the view to set up an exchange network for culture and architectural practice as well as a platform to promote architectural excellence by architects of Chinese ancestry.

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Sunnie Lau attended the symposium & Ph.D forum of Tongji University
January 26, 2017

At the "Symposium of High-density, Green Buildings and Ph.D Forum for Ecological Development" held at the School of Architecture of the College of Architecture and Planning, Tongji University on 20 to 22 January, 2017, Miss Sunnie S.Y. Lau, Design Director of Architecture of SRT Design Group delivered a keynote presentation on her design philosophy and corporate vision.

Miss Lau shared her critique of those problematic situations occurring in many high-density Chinese cities as a result of high-speed development. Learning from the case of the Xixiang planning competition--the transformtation of a township at a first-tier city--Shenzhen), she analyzed the phenomenon of urbanization and suggested that urbanization is at a challenging turning point for China - especially when many first-tier cities reached the state of urban regeneration, coupled by the emergence of new, third-tier cities who tried to repeat the same errors that their predecessors have done. Her study suggests that, as a urban planner, one demands to consider and incorporate refined, people-oriented urban design elements. One must strive to focus on the strategic sustainable development of the Chinese cities and towns.

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Macau First GBL 3Star Building Macau Science Center
January 20, 2017

The Macau Science Center embarked on green building upgrade in 2015, and successfully obtained China 3-star green building label in April, 2016.

As the green building consultant of Macau Science Center, GB Tech Consulting Ltd of SRT Design Group put forward integrated green building design strategies based on site investigation information  and measurements of outdoor noise level, indoor air quality, indoor lighting and fixtures performance, indoor Illumination quality and air conditioning equipment efficiency and operations. The proposal strategies were further supported by simulation on site wind environment, indoor daylight factor and energy consumption modeling, with the objective the following green innovative initiatives and to meet 3-star green building design requirements.

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