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Our new design entity - WOW Studio
WOW Studio integrates research with a multitude of design issues; releasing energy and exerting impact on conceptualization and internal logic formulation instead of mere formal but form-seeking exercise. As a creative research design team as well as current city designers, WOW is committed to emerging social challenges and varying issues, technological and otherwise arose from the compound complexity of those urban development processes of China. WOW pronounces a core design value which is about the integration of green building technology, design aesthetics and visual harmony. The value combines diversity and embraces people-oriented urban design elements, and steer towards the sustainable proposition and development of cities and towns.

The WOW professional team covers architectural design, green building, renewable energy technology, landscape design, urban planning and design in order to attain sustainable development throughout the design process.

WOW studio‘s scope of work is not limited to architectural design but is responsive to the needs of the project, comprising interior design, product design, as well as a broad spectrum of design.